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Casino night The Rotary Club of Lancaster enjoyed a successful Casino Night, held at Morecambe Golf Club, where 90 people enjoyed the three gaming tables, a buffet meal, raffle & entertainment...


CASINO NIGHT MAY 19TH 2017 Friday 19th May 2017 7pm for 7.30pm at Morecambe Golf Club The evening to include gaming tables and food followed by entertainment by our lovely local singer Ashleigh Wood...


ROTARY BAE TECHNOLOGY TOURNAMENT 2017 ROTARY BAe TECHNOLOGY TOURNAMENT 2017 The above event took place at the Boys' and Girls' Club, Lancaster on the 17th March 2017. For the first time all four local Rotary...


Wray Rotakids On November 25th Rotarian Mike Worth visited Wray with Botton Primary School to charter their newly formed Wray Rotakids. The photographs featured show President Caitlin,...


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Important upcoming dates

Posted on : 28-07-2016 | By : Allan | In : News

Please update your diaries:

August 6 : Foundation social : Pie and peas at Cinderbarrow
August 22 : speaker from the Samaritans
November 11 : Casino night at Vale of Lune Rugby CLub
December 5 : Xmas social at Scartthwaite Hotel
December 20 : annual charity can shake
January 28: wine tasting at the Priory Church Hall in aid of our Foundation

RYLA course held at Castle Head

Posted on : 14-07-2016 | By : Allan | In : News

The 2016 RYLA course was held at Castle Head, near Grange over Sands between the 2nd and 8th July 2016. The course involved all the usual activities, team building through ghyll scrambling and climbing, an overnight spent under canvas, raft building and racing the other teams and organising a car wash to raise funds for RIBI. Our candidate, Alistair James , thoroughly enjoyed it and was proud that his team won the raft race and raised over £160 washing cars.

c b ad


Posted on : 01-07-2016 | By : Allan | In : News

There is a great shortage of qualified doctors in Uganda and even greater shortage of those prepared to work in country areas. In Kamuli District (Pop 590,000) there are 6.

Salaama and Richard were students at St John Bosco Secondary School, Kamuli, where Gill Jenkinson – a Rotary Foundation volunteer – worked between 2001 and 2010, while Rtn Tim worked for Rotary Doctorbank at the nearby hospital. They have qualified as General Nurse and Assistant Physician but a respected doctor in Kamuli suggested that we try to get scholarships for them to qualify as doctors so that they could be of more significant service to the community. Both have held a dream to work “up country” and have guaranteed to do this. There is no government funding available to them.

We have cooperation from the Rotary Club of Kyambogo Kampala, the Medical Superintendent of Kamuli General Hospital, and some offers of private sponsorship.

This project addresses at least 2 of the “areas of focus” and is sustainable and of benefit to the community.

We have been successful in gaining a Rotary Foundation District grant. Richard, the first student has been doing well at Busitema Universityand is now to start his 4th year. This year Salaama started her course at Kampala International University and we now have a TRF District grant of half the cost for both students.
RC Lancaster is committed to the project but we need other support to keep the project viable. The cost per student is about £2500 per year. An amount of, say,£100 towards the cost would be gratefully received to supply much needed medical care in a poor rural area.

The students have expressed their deep gratitude to Rotary for this life changing opportunity.

The project contact is PP Tim jenkinson on 0152465595 or

Honey Makes Money – Beehive Project, UGANDA

Posted on : 14-06-2016 | By : Allan | In : News

This project was set up to help HIV orphans and OVC (Other vulnerable children) be able to attend Primary schools in rural Uganda by supplying beehives to selected government schools so that they could make money for them from sales of honey.

It was started by Uganda volunteers in 2008 and subsequently funded by Rotary Lancaster with the help of other Rotarians, Soroptimist, and private donors. More than 150 children have been helped to attend by supplying them with “scholastic materials” uniforms and money for “porridge”. Beehives, in groups of ten were built in 7 schools in two districts about 90 miles from Kampala. Over time deterioration due to termite damage and neglect in some schools with staffing problems has led to the decision to choose the project, and to donate the remaining funds to the 4 successful schools to “prime pump” new projects of citrus farming or “heifer-in-calf”. Where possible the beehives will continue to produce honey.

The school are very grateful to all the assistance both financial and supportive they have received from Lancaster and District. The new projects will be self-sustaining with lower set up costs and less input from volunteers. Most primary schools in rural areas have a farming projects in their grounds. Likewise the organisers of the project wish to express their gratitude to all sponsors.




Visit to the Rotary Renal Care Centre at St.Teresa’s Hospital, Bangalore, India

Posted on : 06-06-2016 | By : Allan | In : News

Our president visited recently the

Rotary Renal Care Centre at St.Teresa’s Hospital, Bangalore, India




Lto R: Lab Technician, PDG Rajendra Rai, KSV, GC, and Srinivas Murthy


L to R: Lab Technician, GC, KSV, Mrs Shashi Nagendra, PDG K S Nagendra, Chairman of Renal Care Centre and Mr.Srinivasa Murthy


L to R GC, KSV, PDG Rajendra Rai, and Mr. Srinivasa Murthy, Administrator of the Rotary Renal Care Centre at St.Teresa’s Hospital, Bangalore, India



Visit to Rotary Club of Lake Gardens tuesday March 29th, Kuala Lumpur: District 3300

Posted on : 03-04-2016 | By : Allan | In : News

Visit to Rotary Club of Lake Gardens tuesday March 29th, Kuala Lumpur:
District 3300

imageAn interesting and unusual club. The most recent club in the District
chartered this time last year with 14 members all female. On President George Chadwick’s visit
on Tuesday March 29 this year to join Charter President Thana
Pathmanathan six new members were inducted – two men and four women.
The occasion brought to the Club District Governor Siti Subaidah and
Assistant District Governor Wong Tse Hoong to “do the honours”. As the
name suggests the Club meet at the Royal Lake Club in the lake Gardens
which is also the meeting venue for the Rotary Club of Gimageombak (George’s old
Rotary Club)

explanation of the 4 photos from Lake Garden Clubimage






1.banner exchange . From left to right Governor District 3300 Siti
Subaidah, Chatrter Club President Thana Pathmanathan, GFC, Assitant
District GOvernorWong Tse Hoong


2.Cutting of the cake to celebrate the six new joining members


3. the six newly inducted members with the ADg and the DG


4. presentation of the Paul Harris Fellowship to the Charter Pres by the DG




Tatu’s projects

Posted on : 14-03-2016 | By : Allan | In : News

Below is a short description of activities engaged by Tatu


:-1.Sunshine rally- this is a yearly event that brings the Rotarians and rotaractors together in a one day event to bring smiles to the faces of many disabled children around the capital city of Nairobi and its environs. It is just a day dedicated aside to bring the children together from the special schools and they just have fun with presentations and entertainment from guest atists,safari rally,free food and snacks,face paintings etc and they get to have some packages of essential goods like flour to go back to school with and even toys for the ones that are young enough to play with them.


2.Muthiga hope centre- This was an activity that my rotaract club endeavoured to do after every two months. It was also a day we would shop for foodstuff and snacks and hire a vehicle to take us to a rural place called muthiga where the children from that centre were always so happy to see us. We played with them, mentored them, helped out with the chores like nippier grass cutting for there milk cows, cleaning and clearing the compound, cooked some foods for them and blessed them with the foodstuff and snacks that we had shopped for them.


3.Help-a -girl campaign – This is also a two-year campaign that my rotaract club had where we could go around campus collecting sanitary towels from ladies willing to donate and raise money in different activities to buy sanitary towels and then we would go to different schools in the central province educating the girls about there adolescence changes and giving them sanitary towels that would last them a few months in order to reduce the stigma and also save them some money.


4. Car- wash -My club i.e the rotaract club also had this activity every now and then just to raise money to run club activities that required us to invest financially like shopping large quantities of goods while visiting children homes or the handicapped and this enabled us to impact there lives even if we were just students.
Those are some of the photos I could get in one of my flash disks.I would really have to such for others to get them but fo now I hope this is satisfactory.
If your club or district will be willing to support any of the activities or even other events that rotaractors and Rotarians put up in my club I would be more than delighted to share with you how we can do it.


5.Rotaract leaders retreat – On this particular year, we went for training while outdoor camping with other presidents from other rotaract clubs and it was a time to just have fun and remind ourselves of the call to offer ‘service above self’
Thank you so much again.


Visit of GFC and Roger to rotary club of Kuala Lumpur di Raja (the royal rotary club of Kuala Lumpur) on March 2

Posted on : 14-03-2016 | By : Allan | In : News

Roger spent a few days in Kuala Lumpur with George and Christine. So of course the first stop was to a Rotary meeting. The Rotary Club of Kuala Lumpur now the oldest in South-East Asia, existed in spirit as early as 1918, The Club was inaugurated on 27 September 1929 At that time no other Rotary club in the world had been given the “Royal” status. thus di Raja

The second visit was to an old hill station near Kuala Lumpur. Bukit Fraser. The location is one of Malaysia’s few pristine forests, Fraser’s Hill derives its name from Louis James Fraser, a solitary Scottish pioneer, who set up a tin-ore trading post in the 1890 Fraser’s Hill includes seven peaks, with altitudes between 1,220 and 1,524 meters above sea level The hill station has over 270 species of local and migratory birds flocking here together. Roger and I have just 250 to go to complete our collection. We stayed at Ye Olde Smoke House a colonial-era bungalow which spent part of its life as a Red Cross rehabilitation centre.


DSCF3118 DSCF3138

Visit to the Rotary Funded Renal Care Centre in Bangalore

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Visit to the Rotary Funded Renal Care Centre in Bangalore


The Renal Care Centre at St. Theresa’s Hospital in Bangalore exemplifies all that is good about Rotary. It was established by Rotarians in District 3190 to cater to the needs of thousands of patients with kidney failure in need of regular dialysis. The expense can be prohibitive but the centre offers its services at minimal cost so that it is accessible by even the poorer section of the society. It was the brainchild of PDG K.S. Nagendra who managed to get all the 83 clubs in the District to join in the project, which was the recipient of Global Grant from OUR Foundation. In addition to providing dialysis the centre also provides counselling to patients and relatives in addition to advice about managing diabetes, a very common cause of kidney failure in India.

Visit to the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan-Bangalore Press School

Posted on : 14-03-2016 | By : Allan | In : News

Visit to the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan-Bangalore Press School


During their recent visit to Bangalore in South India (Rotary District 3190) President George and Christine visited a local school with connections with Rotary clubs in our District.

Rotary Clubs Blackpool Palatine, Blackpool South, Fleetwood, Poulton-le-Fylde, St.Annes-on-the Sea, Lytham, Brampton & Longtown in association with the Rotary club of Bangalore South furnished the entire school through a Matching Grant from Our Rotary Foundation.

The school was established in the year 2011 with the aim of educating the economically weaker sections of the society, irrespective of gender, creed or religion. It strives to integrate children from all classes of the society and blend the culture, values and wisdom of ancient India with their constantly changing needs and aspirations.

George and Christine were shown around the around the spacious school by the Principal Ms Manjula and were most impressed by what they saw and heard from the students and teachers in addition to the facilities available.

This is a fine example of how with the aid of our Foundation we can contribute to the betterment of this world. It is also shows what clubs can achieve by working together.