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International Fellowship and Goodwill with the RC of Rendsburg (Germany)

Posted on : 05-08-2014 | By : Allan | In : News

International Fellowship and Goodwill

President Allan Garrick with four members of the Rotary Club of Lancaster plus four of their ladies recently visited (27th – 30th June) the twin town of Rendsburg in Northern Germany. The occasion marked the 60th Charter weekend of the Rotary Club of Rendsburg.

A programme for the weekend included visits to an Art and Sculpture exhibition, visit to a Heritage Park, a Summer Party with buffet and Jazz Band, and a Barbecue evening.

The highlight of the weekend was a Civic Reception in Rendsburg Old Town Hall at which event the Lancaster Club were able to present a plaque marking the friendship between the two Clubs and also presented a Paul Harris Fellowship to their Past President, Secretary, and Twinning Officer Gerd T. Feier.

The Fellowship and Hospitality was outstanding and their President Gustav Tietje and members were warmly thanked by Lancaster President Allan for the goodwill and friendship shown.


Rotakids support homeless in North Korea

Posted on : 04-08-2014 | By : Allan | In : News

A group of local Rotakids from Cockerham, Scotforth, Bowerham, Christ Church and Ellen St.John Primary schools, supported by the Rotary Club of Lancaster, have supplied ShelterBox aid to a family in North Korea. This single ShelterBox was part of a larger consignment of 162 boxes that was only recently supplied after Typhoon Bolaven struck North Korea in August 2012.

It swept away almost every building in the coastal area leaving 26,000 people homeless, and despite the large scale of the catastrophe, there was little communication or publicity with the outside world and considering the sensitivities surrounding the country, it seemed unlikely that North Korea would accept any help.

But somehow ShelterBox found a way to reach these vulnerable families who were left with nothing. Many of the homes were made of mud brick and they were easily destroyed. The conditions were incredibly harsh with temperatures dropping as low as –25 degrees celcius during the winter months and the local people were very grateful to receive the ShelterBox tents, blankets, water filtration equipment and stoves that are an integral part of the ShelterBox package.

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